Saturday, May 05, 2007

Spike child

He seems to have been growing a fair bit since we last blinked. As a result he's now looking like this...

Down by the river, Tracey manages to get his biggest smile ever recorded on camera!

and the full extent of that shot in the pub, now clearly dwarfing the beer!

Here's a couple of photos from a month or so back. With the lovely Mali and then soundly asleep in his basinet.

Bath or shower time is always a winner. First he became obsessed with his hands...

Now it is his feet...

Shape of things to come???

But before all of that, he has to get used to the cold salty water. I say cold, though it's 23 degrees here in Northern NSW, so it's hardly cold for a wanna be surfer like his Dad, but it's also a fairly different experience to the 30+ degrees of the bath.

After a couple of false starts, here he is clearly enjoying himself (well he is not crying) up to his waist in the calm water of the river. Whilst he started the experience with a few sharp intakes of breath he soon forgot about the temperature as he became fascinated with splashing, an activity he seems to take very seriously!

But the good times don't last forever, and the tears come back. On this occasion, Kelly's mother Valerie came to the rescue, while we popped back in the ocean for a rare swim together!