Sunday, November 05, 2006

Gong Ride

Fate decided that I should start our wedding anniversary celebrations with a 90 kilometre bike ride as this was the date of the Sydney to Woolongong annual bike ride which I've been wanting to do for ages.

This year it was back better than ever now that the coast road was finally reopened to allow the ride to pass smoothly through the Royal National Park. Seeing as I was busy being distracted with baby preperations, surfing and doing all sorts of other fun stuff, I only managed 2 training rides.

Fortunately one of these rides was with Nigel, a friend from work, whose bang into cycling and generally knowing a lot about what he's into. He taught me alsorts of really interesting and useful info about endurance such as being diligent not to overexert yourself and be very careful to refuel regularly along the way. Did you know that your body requires 500ml of water every hour, and 30g of carbohydrate every half an hour in order to sustain consistent excercise?

Well, I didn't until I was sitting exhausted on the train back from this ride after only half listening to this sound advice.

Would be great to take Trogdor sometime, as its a really family event with all sorts of interesting characters on tandems or pulling various members of their family up the hills. For more info check out this link...

Here's a happy snappy of the view from stanwell tops at the top of the most major climb.