Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Baby Dodd (Trogdor the Burninator)

J - Here's a couple of pictures from the 12 week scan. We were a little nervous going into this seeing as Kelly has had such a bad ride during the pregnancy so far. As her 'morning' sickness was so extreme, we were a little concerned as to what else might be so unusual. However, we were very pleased to realise that everything was okay. So we sat back and rejoyced in the pixels. Quite surprised to see so much movement at such an early stage - his arms and legs were flying everywhere. It was a wonderful day (as everyone had foretold) not least because it was the first time we could actually forget about the traumas of the all day sickness and jump up and down because we will soon be allowed to act like kids again all day long!!

J - The working title of this baby project thing is Trogdor. S/he named himself pretty quickly since he was giving Kelly so much grief in the vomit inducing department. As such the only sensible name for such a beast was trogdor. Half man, half dragon. Burninating the placenta...

check this link for the backstory: